Math Resources

General Interest

Geogebra (free dynamic geometry software)

Mathematics resources at Project Gutenburg

Museum of Mathematics

Nick Hobson’s Mathematical Miscellany

\pi is “wrong!” (Bob Palais)

+Plus Magazine

Vi Hart, recreational mathemusician (also see a lovely article about her here)

Professional Associations/Institutes

AMS (American Mathematical Society)

CMS (Canadian Mathematical Society)

Fields Institute

MAA (Mathematical Association of America)

Mathematics Education

OAME (Ontario Association for Mathematics Education)

The Math Forum @ Drexel

Mathematics Contest Problems

Art of Problem Solving

Brock University Caribou Mathematics Competition (Grades 3–8)

CEMC (University of Waterloo)

Contest problem links at Wild About Math!

MIT Math Problem Solving Seminar (intended for first-year students preparing for contests)

Nick Hobson’s Mathematical Puzzles

History of Mathematics


Elementary/High School

Analyze Math (tutorials, problems, worksheets, applets, etc.)

Art of Problem Solving

BBC Maths (British)

Brock University Caribou Mathematics Competition (Grades 3–8)

Canada-Wide Performance Festival (Grades 4–6)

CLIPS (multi-media support for Grades 7–12)

Exercises in Math Readiness (EMR) (preparation for university), U. of Saskatchewan

Exploriments (simulations that allow students to explore concepts)

Geogebra (free dynamic geometry software)

James Tanton (videos, essays, links, lessons, etc.)

JUMP (John Mighton) (Grades 1–8)

Khan Academy

mathcentre (UK site for senior high school and early university … many resources here)

Math Warehouse (games, interactive examples, links, etc.)

Maths Net (British)

MIT High School Courses

nrich (UK)

Purplemath (algebra help, study skills, homework guidelines, links)

Regents Exam Prep Center (New York State)

Spirit of Math

STEM Directories (UK)

Vaguten (A quantum of knowledge for gifted and talented students)

Vector (Journal of the British Columbia Association of Mathematics Teachers)

Walter Fendt (applets and more)

College/University and Beyond

John Baez, UC Riverside

Khan Academy

Tanya Khovanova

Math at Stack Exchange

Math Overflow

Lecture Notes, Online Textbooks, Online Courses, etc.

John Armstrong

Pete L. Clark, University of Georgia

Miroslav Lovric, McMaster University

Willard Miller, University of Minnesota

MIT OpenCourseware

Roy Smith, University of Georgia

Peter Taylor, Queen’s University at Kingston

Jan Vrbik, Brock University

Doron Zeilberger, Rutgers University


3 Responses to Math Resources

  1. Very helpful site.THANK YOU.

  2. Pingback: Resources to Learn Mathematics « jeppscorner

  3. Michael Finity says:

    Dr. D’Agostino, Thanks for a most intriguing website! Here is another that may interest you, Math For Love:

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