Physics Resources

General Interest

Are you a scientific crackpot? Are you plagued by one? Check John Baez and/or Warren Siegel to find out, or to seek comfort.

Physics World

Physics resources at Project Gutenburg

Professional Associations

APS (American Physical Society)

CAP (Canadian Association of Physicists)

Physics Education

AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers)

STAO/APSO (Science Teachers Association of Ontario)

Eric Mazur, Harvard University

Physics Education Group, University of Washington (led by Lilliane C. McDermott)

Stephanie Chasteen

History or Sociology of Physics

Alan Sokal

Elementary/High School

For students and their parents and teachers:

Exploriments (simulations that allow students to explore concepts)

High School Teachers at CERN (many links here)

MIT High School Courses

SIN (Sir Isaac Newton test, University of Waterloo)

College/University and Beyond

Brock University Physics Department

High School Teachers at CERN (many links here)

Light and Matter (introductory physics online physics textbook for non-physics majors)

PhET (interactive science simulations at the University of Colorado)

Physics at Stack Exchange

Physics Forums

Physics Hypertextbook

Visual Quantum Mechanics, Bernd Thaller

Lecture Notes, Online Textbooks, Online Courses, etc.

Feynman Lectures on Physics, online web site

Michael Fowler, University of Virginia

Gerald Sussman and Jay Wisdom, Classical Mechanics, MIT

Gerard ‘t Hooft (prospective theoretical physicists, note this page)

MIT OpenCourseware

Motion Mountain

Physics Hypertextbook

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