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Climate Change Denialism Highlights The Need For Public Education In Basic Science

There are many excellent newspaper and magazine columns (and internet sites and blogs) that publicize the latest research findings in science. They are important because they inform the general public about scientific findings funded by their taxes, and they communicate … Continue reading

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On The Nature Of Scientific Theories

I was reading the delightful blog Ask A Mathematician / Ask A Physicist (in particular, this post), when I encountered this noteworthy comment (and this one) from one of that blog’s readers. The post is about why the earth orbits … Continue reading

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Doubt Is Essential For The Progress Of Science

I am sometimes confronted by religious zealots (some of whom knock on my door). Typically what follows is a fruitless discussion along these lines: How do you know what you’re saying is true? Because it says so in my holy … Continue reading

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Clever Hans, The Horse Who Could Do Math

One reads in elementary science textbooks about “The Scientific Method“, as if there were only one. But even if there are as many methods as scientists, it is nevertheless possible to single out certain common good habits of scientific thought. … Continue reading

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What Is A Scientific Theory?

How does science work? (At least in the case of physics and other mathematical sciences.) I touched on this subject before (in a post entitled Does Nature “Obey” The Laws Of Physics?), but I would like to take a more … Continue reading

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Does Nature “Obey” The Laws of Physics?

Today I’d like to discuss a pet peeve of mine. In many physics textbooks, one reads phrases such as: a certain physical system obeys a certain law of physics Here’s an example taken from page 147 of Chemical Principles, by … Continue reading

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