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Carlsberg Beer, Horseshoes, Luck, And Niels Bohr

Niels Bohr was one of the giants of twentieth-century physics. He and Einstein respected each other very much, but their work habits were just about opposite. Einstein preferred to work with just a single assistant, if at all, whereas Bohr … Continue reading

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Galileo’s Birthday

Today is Galileo’s birthday, and it’s worth pausing for a moment to celebrate one of the founders of modern science, and one of the giants of its history. The standard biographies of Galileo are by the late Stillman Drake, one … Continue reading

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Failing to Succeed

My mother was on her deathbed in 1954 (before I was born), and received the last rites. That she is still alive, and still living independently, is an inspiration to me, and a testament to the power of persistence. A … Continue reading

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Black Earth Into Yellow Crocus

Perhaps my favourite joke of all time is actually an anecdote that I read in the wonderful book Thirty Years that Shook Physics, by George Gamow. The book is available in an inexpensive Dover edition, and would make a fine … Continue reading

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Helping People Get Things Done

Seth Godin has a fantastic blog, and today’s post makes pointed comments about education, although it is more generally intended to discuss how to help people get things done. Check it out here.

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The King’s Speech

My wife and I saw the movie The King’s Speech (the official site is here; also see here) a couple of days ago, and it was very moving. I knew the outline of the story, and have always had great … Continue reading

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