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The Logic Puzzles Of Raymond Smullyan; Updated With Solution

Update: Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the solution to Smullyan’s logic puzzle discussed below. Raymond Smullyan has written many books. What is the Name of This Book?, published in 1978, is a collection of logic puzzles and … Continue reading

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A Math Prof, A Psych Prof, And A Mysterious Black Dog

Once upon a time, a mathematics professor (whom I shall call Professor M) from a North American university was regaling a small group of professors and graduate students with some anecdotes concerning a psychology professor (whom I shall call Professor … Continue reading

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Time Variation Of Pi

Since at least as far back as the work of Dirac in 1937 (see here), there has been discussion about whether the fundamental constants of physics might vary with time. Unfortunately, some of these ideas have been stretched by young-earth … Continue reading

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“Caution: Blind Driver”

I was driving on Highway 406 earlier today, and I noticed a passenger van ahead of me in the adjacent lane having a bumper sticker with the words in the title of this post. Provacative, wouldn’t you say? As I … Continue reading

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Words, Episode 5: World Record Super-Alliteration?

Many years ago I took a course on writing led by a wonderful man (whose name I now forget) who was a veteran of the newspaper business. He remarked one day on how difficult it is to write newspaper headlines, … Continue reading

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A New Political Party: The Mathematics of Ontario Party (MOP)

I have just formed, and declared myself the leader of, a new political party, the MOP. This satisfies a long-held ambition to effect change in the province in which I live, Ontario. (Full disclosure: OK, the truth is I’m just … Continue reading

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One-Upmanship Among Scientists

If you like scientific humour, the wonderful online comic xkcd is worth checking out. The comic referred to in the title is here. I suppose philosophers would place themselves even further to the right, don’t you think?

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