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Confronting The Malefactors: Paul Krugman In The New York Times

Paul Krugman likens our economic woes to “a play in three acts:” In the first act, bankers took advantage of deregulation to run wild (and pay themselves princely sums), inflating huge bubbles through reckless lending. In the second act, the … Continue reading

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Mathematical Flaw In Caplan’s Exhortation To Have More Kids

I heard a radio interview this morning with Bryan Caplan (a professor of economics at George Mason University), who argues in his recent book Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids (which I have not read) that the average person ought … Continue reading

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Everyone Complains About Taxes, But Who Knows Where They Go?

David Olive writes about an American initiative to help inform citizens about how tax money is spent. By providing freely available information, one hopes that there will be a more sensible discussion about the perilous financial straits in which the … Continue reading

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Is the growing divide between rich and poor a danger for society?

I grew up in Southern Ontario with my parents and my five siblings in a very small three bedroom “wartime house.” My father was a labourer in a steel factory, and my mother did a tremendous job stretching his weekly … Continue reading

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