Puzzle: A Cube Of Resistors

Here’s a puzzle I just read in Clifford Stoll‘s book High Tech Heretic (paraphrased by me):

Consider 12 identical resistors connected to form a cube. That is, each resistor lies on the edge of a cube, and there is an electrical connection joining three resistors at each of the cube’s eight vertices.

What is the effective resistance between two vertices across a body diagonal of the cube?

I’ll update this post with my solution (you can probably find solutions all over the internet if you get stuck, but give it a good try if interested!) in a day or two.


About Santo D'Agostino

I have taught mathematics and physics since the mid 1980s. I have also been a textbook writer/editor since then. Currently I am working independently on a number of writing and education projects while teaching physics at my local university. I love math and physics, and love teaching and writing about them. My blog also discusses education, science, environment, etc. https://qedinsight.wordpress.com Further resources, and online tutoring, can be found at my other site http://www.qedinfinity.com
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3 Responses to Puzzle: A Cube Of Resistors

  1. Peter Enmore says:

    Very interesting post about resistors. I will have to check back to see what the answer is.

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