Art And Mathematics

My friend Mary sent me this link to a video by Vi Hart about why \pi is wrong. The video is funny, and the rest of her site is wonderful, engaging, and worth checking out. There is a nice article about her in the New York Times.

The originator of the “\pi is wrong” idea is Bob Palais, and much more about his idea is here.

For some similar high-powered creativity, check out the techno-kinetic wave sculptures of Reuben Margolin here (thanks to my student Justin Couto for telling me about this).

And if you like mathematically inspired digital art, and you’re in the Niagara region, check out Bill Ralph‘s latest exhibit, A Mathematician Breathes. (He’s also a beloved and fantastic math professor.)


About Santo D'Agostino

I have taught mathematics and physics since the mid 1980s. I have also been a textbook writer/editor since then. Currently I am working independently on a number of writing and education projects while teaching physics at my local university. I love math and physics, and love teaching and writing about them. My blog also discusses education, science, environment, etc. Further resources, and online tutoring, can be found at my other site
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