Resources For First-Year Electricity And Magnetism (And A Bit Of Mechanics)

It occurs to me that the notes that I am producing and placing online for my students (I’m currently teaching a first-year course in electricity and magnetism) might be of interest to students at other institutions that are taking a similar course.

My (mostly) handwritten notes in electricity and magnetism are linked below. Also included is a brief summary of essential mechanics that is needed as a prerequisite for our course.

And there are a few links to applets, web pages, and whatnot, and some advice on how to do homework that might also be of value to a student.

All of the resources can be found on this page. Scroll down and you’ll see lots of items that can be clicked.


About Santo D'Agostino

I have taught mathematics and physics since the mid 1980s. I have also been a textbook writer/editor since then. Currently I am working independently on a number of writing and education projects while teaching physics at my local university. I love math and physics, and love teaching and writing about them. My blog also discusses education, science, environment, etc. Further resources, and online tutoring, can be found at my other site
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2 Responses to Resources For First-Year Electricity And Magnetism (And A Bit Of Mechanics)

  1. Tolson says:

    Thank you for the wonderful resources! I definitely enjoy this subject. Have a very merry holiday season.


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