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Strange Fruit

The poem was written by Abel Meeropol, and the performance here is by Billie Holiday. A film telling the story of the song is here. Strange Fruit Southern trees bear strange fruit, Blood on the leaves and blood at the … Continue reading

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“Caution: Blind Driver”

I was driving on Highway 406 earlier today, and I noticed a passenger van ahead of me in the adjacent lane having a bumper sticker with the words in the title of this post. Provacative, wouldn’t you say? As I … Continue reading

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An Operator Method for Solving Second Order Differential Equations, Part 2

In a previous post we discussed an operator method for solving certain second order ordinary differential equations. In this post I’ll explore this operator method a little further. I first learned about this method from an old book, Higher Mathematics … Continue reading

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Proportional Reasoning

One of the most important skills in “numerical literacy” is proportional reasoning. I was reminded of this earlier today when I went out to buy a couple of pies for this evening’s family gathering. The pies came in many flavours, … Continue reading

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The War On Women

Women are under attack everywhere. Central Africa is the worst place for a woman to be right now, but violence against women occurs everywhere. To advocate for women in this environment takes strength, but doing so by putting your own … Continue reading

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Two Nice Probability Problems

Over at Freakonometrics, here is a pair of nice probability problems. The first problem also appears here as Problem #5. A number of solutions for your consideration are here. A very elegant solution by Ted Hwa is here.  

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An Operator Method for Solving Second Order Differential Equations

In talking about power series in a previous post, I mentioned one of their uses: as an aid in solving differential equations. This reminds me of a neat trick for solving some differential equations, which I will discuss in this … Continue reading

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